Hot Water Urns – Catering Equipment

Hot Water Urns

At BioTech Branding NG, we are selling the best brands in the catering equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and benchtop equipment range. Our hot water urns have been tested in all commercial environment.

Hot beverages are always needed in any restaurant, even in cafes. Thus, any commercial establishment needs to place Hot Water Urns in their shops and facilities. These machines can heat gallons of water at a time to be served to their customers. Made of quality stainless steel, they are meant to last for years.

hot water urns

Top hospitality supplies selling hot water urns in Australia:

  • Alpha Catering
  • Petra Equipment
  • Atlantic Equipment

Hot water urns is one of the most popular catering equipment sold in Australia. There are plenty of other popular benchtop equipment like commercial coffee machines, crepe makers & sandwich presses.