Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd | Company Profile

The Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of machinery and tools. The company acts as the primary wholesale distributor of its products providing the Australian Industry with a whole range of products. Such products include Rechargeable Electric Mowers, cutting oils, steel forming and bending, steel cutting, hand tools, spill management, threading, grinding and HVAC tools. These products are available throughout Australia in the networks of agents and industrial resellers. The company aims to create versatile machinery, tools, and accessories that will benefit the industrial market and its users.

Company Profile- Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd

The company was launched in March of 1981 as a new affiliate of Herbert Engineering group. Its parent company, the R.R Bramley & Co started out as an engineering workshop in Auckland New Zealand by its founder Richard Bramley. Later on, Philip Herbert procured the company in the year 1954 and started the production of small engineering tools and machines referred as ‘Bramely.’ Production and exports of these products grew beyond boundaries until his youngest son; Herbert Myles established the Garrick Herbert P/L, which was a local establishment aiming to distribute the range of products throughout Australia.

They company complimented their Bramely range of products by introducing allied quality products from international brands. The earliest additions included the Irega Adjustable Wrenches and the Asada Threading Machine. These products have currently grown into the market leaders in Australia. The company began manufacturing the Australia made sheet curving rolls at the Sydney operation in 1987. Following the success of this product, the company, later on, purchased the Belt Grinding brand and consolidated it to the Sydney facility.

Throughout the years, the company has continued to grow immensely. It now it represents an assemblage of reputable manufacturers around China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain among others. The Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd distributes the company’s products through the Industrial supply Machinery Merchants in Australia. However, the company selects only high products that are suitable for the industrial users only. Such products include; absorbents , machine and hand tools cutting oils, material handling and lifting equipment and machinery.

Rapid development and growth of the company made the Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd move to a larger premises four times bigger in 2006. Further expansion in 2011 led to the introduction of the Garrick USA LLC located in Winona, Minnesota. This company distributes the key product lines Linishall and Bramely to the Canadian and American industrial market.

The Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd owns the brands such as Garrick mowing, Garrick made in Spain, Garrick oils, Garrick lifting equipment, Garrick machine tools, and Garrick spill management. Additionally, it represents other international and domestic brands such as Irega, Bramely, Asada, SpillFix, Toho, EverSoak and Super Ego. All its products have full warranties from their manufacture. Their tools are of high-quality standards that you can always have confidence in.

For each of the brands, the products include

• Super ego- Pipe work and plumbing tools• Garrick lifting-Trolleys, chain blocks, clamps, tie downs, slings, lever hoist• Bramely- Pipes, steel cutting, bar bending, and tube bending• Garrick machine tools- roller stands, band saws, drill presses• Asada-Bolt and pipe threading machines • Linishall- Heavy duty linishers and bench grinders • Garrick- spill management and spill fix